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Lucia Grossberger Morales Statement

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While watching the family's new, color television nine-year-old Lucia wondered why don't paintings move?
Many years later, in 1979, when Lucia saw the Apple II Computer she believed she had found the tool to create moving paintings. That night she had a dream, in which she found a magic, black box embedded in the sand. When she opened it small dots of light burst out and danced in the night sky. Upon awakening, she knew the computer would be her artistic medium.
The Apple II was primitive with only six colors and huge pixels. In 1980, Lucia connected her Apple II to a television and video recorder, and recorded while she quickly painted. In her first Moving Painting "The Dream I Had Last Night" the large crude pixels of a little girl transform into a group of men, then into a monkey and finally into a group of people with glowing, orange eyes.
In 1987, while Lucia was teaching a Computer Art course at the University of California, Santa Cruz, she heard Benoit Mandelbrot describing how using Fractal Geometry it is possible to generate realistic images of mountains, skies, leaves, in other words fractals are the numbers of nature. From that moment on, numbers became an important element of her visual vocabulary. Twenty-five years later she would use Fractals to create Moving Paintings.
Lucia was born in Catavi, Bolivia during the Revolution of 1952. In 1955, her family emigrated to the United States. She received her B.A. and M.S. from the University of Southern California. Lucia bought her Apple II in 1979 and in 1982 coauthored the Designer's Tool Kit, a graphics program, published by Apple Computer, Inc. In 1987, she coauthored a software package AppleVisions, and Steve Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple II computer, wrote the Foreword.
Her installations, videos, paintings and interactive CD-ROMs have been exhibited in museums, galleries and film shows the United States, Latin America and Europe.
Lucia spends most of her time in Palm Springs enjoying the warm sun and friendly people. More of her work can be seen on her website: luciagrossbergermorales.com and hugepixels.com